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February 20, 2023 February 25, 2023 UTC+0

The annual cultural festival is one of the most awaited events at the college campus. This year, DON BOSCO COLLEGE CULTURAL ACTIVITIES were celebrated from 20 th Feb to 25 th Feb 2023. The official notice was generated on 3 rd Feb 2023. The festival began with an interesting event Saree Day & Tie Day. The backdrop was very much appreciated by all because of the bright flowers and impressive technique used to attach the flowers on the backdrop stage. DON BOSCO COLLEGE ANNUAL DAY is a thoroughfare along which the Commerce & Arts students are able to unveil their talent on the much-isolated turf of performing arts. This is an event where students take a brief time off their busy schedule and strive hard to acclaim proficiency in the field of performing arts. All these events were conducted in presence of teaching and non-teaching staff. Principal – Dr. P.N. Shende, Director – Fr. Michael Bansode, CEO – Asst. Prof. Kiran Nagare, Cultural In-charge – Asst. Prof. – Kaushal Bagul, Asst. Prof. – P.B. Baisane, Asst. Prof. – Pearl Farnandis, Asst. Prof. – Leo Dsouza, Mr.Stallin Micheal, Mr.Jagannath Kundu, Peon – Ashok Dushing, Physical Director – Rajesh Yedlellu, Let’s have a look at the events took place in FEST:

Monday20-02-2023Saree & Tie Day
Wednesday22-02-2023Rangoli Making
Friday24-02-2023Cultural Day
Saturday25-02-2023Traditional day & Prize Distribution

20 th FEB 2023:
Saree and Tie Day: There were about 60-70% participation of the students. All the students got a chance to show their dressing style and show their personality by performing the ramp walk on the stage at undergraduate level. On the same day the winners were declared by the judges and the prizes were given by Principal – Dr. P. N. Shende.
22 nd FEB 2023:
Rangoli making day: There were participation from all the classes. The students were allowed to do free style Rangoli so as they can show their own creativity. There were different types of art shown in the Rangoli making by participants in the presence of Judges and Director – Fr. Michael Bansode and Principal – Dr. P. N. Shende.

24 th FEB 2023:
Cultural Day: In Cultural Day there were events such as Solo Dance, Group Dance, Solo Singing, Group Singing, and Instrumental Playing. All the students were very excited for this event. All Participants gave a wonderful performance in the presence of Judges – Ms. Joyce Joseph, Ms. Jennifer Joseph and Director – Fr. Michael Bansode and Principal – Dr. P. N. Shende.

25 th FEB 2023:
Traditional Day and Prize Distribution: This day was special day of the college as drawing huge participation from students all over the college. Students were seen wearing their traditional outfits and also there was prize distribution of cultural day and the prizes of traditional day were also given on the same day. The Prizes were given away by Chief Guest – Dr. Milind Bhoi, Director – Fr. Michael Bansode and Principal – Dr. P. N. Shende

25 th FEB 2023:
Dinner: After the completion of the event there was dinner arranged for Students and all the Teaching and Non-teaching staff. Director – Fr. Michael Bansode and Principal – Dr. P. N. Shende had dinner with students and all staff. There was seen a good conversation of students and Principal and Father.

Participation in cultural events:
The table below gives the count of the number of Students participated in various events in Don Bosco Fest 2023:

Sr. no.ActivityParticipation in No
1Solo dance10
2Group dance40
3Solo Singing5
4Group singing20
5Rangoli Making6

Winners of Events:

1Solo Dance1stJosh Kiranpreetkaur PalwindersinghF.Y.B.COM
2ndKhushi Santosh BadiganawarF.Y.B.COM
2Group Dance1stVishwakarma Sapana PramodS.Y.B.COM
2ndDeshmukh AdityaT.Y.B.COM
3Solo Singing1stAshirvadam AlisterS.Y.B.COM
2ndKhirid Shruti SantoshF.Y.B.COM
Bhingardive Anmol ArunS.Y.B.COM
4Group Singing1stAshirvadam AlisterS.Y.B.COM
5Rongoli Making1stJosh Kiranpreetkaur PalwindersinghF.Y.B.COM
2ndPayal PardeshiT.Y.B.COM

Academic Winners of Year 2021-2022

Sr.No.Students NameRankClass
1Taniya Robert1stF.Y.B.COM
2Mansi Pawar2ndF.Y.B.COM
3Ajay Rajguru1stS.Y.B.COM
4Allen Chennampillil2ndS.Y.B.COM
5Sabir Pirjade1stT.Y.B.COM
6Roshni Roy2ndT.Y.B.COM

SWOT Analysis:


The entire Students worked as a team. The work was done on time and under the guidance of faculty in-charges


As the senior college has celebrated these events 1 st time in the college so some ideas implementation remains incomplete.


Provide the students different types of platforms for personality development.


It was seen that there was fear of students to perform on stage due to lack of confidence.


Don Bosco College has always provided its students with opportunities to prove their mettle in different fields. The students and the in-charge are responsible for all the events which are organized by the principal and the management of Don Bosco College. Activities under the college are well supported by the team of faculty members. The committee is responsible to organize events that provide a platform to students to nurture and show their talent in various fields. The cultural and sports and other committees of college are looking forward to start new activities and give students an opportunity to develop themselves from the knowledge and experience of Principal and Director of college and from the staff.