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The annual Sports Activities is one of the most awaited events at the college campus for sports players. This year, DON BOSCO COLLEGE ANNUAL SPORTS DAY celebrated from 21 st Feb to 25 th Feb 2023.


The annual cultural festival is one of the most awaited events at the college campus. This year, DON BOSCO COLLEGE CULTURAL ACTIVITIES were celebrated from 20 th Feb to 25 th Feb 2023. The official notice was generated on 3 rd Feb 2023. The festival began with an interesting event Saree Day & Tie Day.

Contribution to Kerala and Kolhapur Relief Fund.

Packaged food like biscuits, rice, wheat, maggi , water bottles, salt, tea leaves, sugar and other essentials like oil and bedsheets were collected and sent to our Trust in Kerala and from thereon to the needy people in the Camps. Our students proactively came forward to help as they saw the disaster caused by the floods.

Campus Interviews and Consultation

We organize campus interviews for our students . And also share the Company information to our students when they are in their 3rd year so that they are not stranded after their graduation.

Blood Donation camp

The Don Bosco’s Bombay Salesian Society gives and it teaches its students to give. We arrange for blood donation drive specially for our students so that they can donate blood. We inculcate the values of Blood Donation as this is very important for the new generation to learn as this makes them not only a giver but also a caring and giving citizen. In Don Bosco our main aim is to make a good citizen. Fee Concession and Fee Waive of for the underprivileged students during COVID As we serve in one of the biggest slums of Maharashtra therefore we cater to the under privileged students of the same area. Due to Pandemic many students lost their parents. We as a trust decided to waive of fees for those students and to give concession to those whose parents lost jobs .

Tally Classes

We have started a program in which we invite specialized faculty who would teach our students the usage of tally and how it is important in the corporate world. As we want our students to learn the new trends of the market and not just study the Text Books. We are looking forward to continue this program throughout the Year as a complete course for our senior college students.

Health & Hygiene Seminar for Girl Students

With the help of Rotary Club and Lions Club we organize Health and Hygiene seminar so that students know the importance of Sanitary habits and hygiene. A gynecologist is called so that they could guide our girls students . Also Free sanitary pads are distributed to all our students.

Adoption of Pandita Ramabai Muktimission Orphanage

We as an Institution have decided to adopt Pandita Ramabai Muktimission which is an orphanage and a home for the blind. Pandita Ramabai Muktimission is an organization which prvides education for the poor, acts as an orphanage and home for the destitute women and blind children. We have taken an initiative to help them with their various needs such as clothes, sports materials, hair oil, soaps, blankets etc. We collect all these materials with the help of our students and share it with Pandita Ramabai Muktimission.This is carried out in the month of December (Christmas period)We have started this activity so that our students stay connected to the need of the society and these organization so that they become empathetic Citizens.

Collaboration with Digit Insurance Company

We have collaborated  with Digit Insurance Company. We promote our First Year Students for the On Job Training Program into Finance , HR, IT. The Company screens the applicants and provides them with 3 years OJT and gives them job after completion of the Graduation Degree . The Students also receive 10000 ,12000 and 15000 per month as stipend for all the 3 years of the program. We thus make students not just educated but also Employable.

Leadership Program

An Intercollege program is held every year which is known as ‘’Madonna Fest’’. The preparation begins 3 months prior. The Senior College students are grouped along with Teachers and given tasks such as  planning the event, getting sponsors, registration of entries, advertisements, promotion on the web and offline, visiting colleges for participation, designing of certificates and banners and posters, Purchase of medals and trophies, stage set up, guests, judges etc. In the end we give all the students a certificate of leadership for handling the event and thus preparing them for the future.

Tree Plantation Drive

The very life support to the mother earth is a Tree. We at Don Bosco Edu Complex have always been with a motto of ‘Go Green” Tree Plantation in our campus We have 400 hundred trees in our campus and we have also planted 200 plus small sapplings in the campus giving our students a healthy environment and training them to keep the surrounding green and filled with trees. Tree Plantation around the campus With the help of the local Govt body we have planted 200 trees near the road side and also covered it with steel so that they are not moved or disturbed. Tree Plantation in the outskirts of Pune We have planted 1000 plus trees near Baner Area with the help of an NGO . About 300 Students had participated from the Bombay Salesian Society (Pune Branch). By tree Plantation we wanted our students to be aware of the Nature and our responsibility towards the nature.

River Cleaning Drive (Mula Mutha River)

Cleaning the Mula Mutha river at the yervada bed was another new initiative taken up by our Institution. As it’s a ghat where people were not able to sit in the evenings and the flow of the river was obstructed therefore we with the help of our students cleaned the garbage of the river banks and also educated the locals to keep it clean and set up waste bins with the help of the local bodies. Nearly about 2 tons of waste was removed from the river bank.

Rotary Club (Counselling)

Looking at growing cases of Stressed and Depressed Students of this generation we had invited Dr Aashiesh Tavkar Phd who is also an Occupational Psychotherapist  and Holistic Leader Coach. He had taken sessions for our students and teachers on Mental health and shared tips of having a good and healthy mind and how to fight depression at the age. Dr Aashiesh also shared material on the same and gave a helpline no for assistance regarding these issues. He also guided our Teachers to identify the students and how to approach them and guide and direct them to professionals who could help these students.

Prison Ministry of India Marathon

To help the very important sector of the society with a kind our is also our responsibility ,therefore we had organized Pune marathon for people of Pune. The participation was open to all and all the revenue generated by this Event was forwarded to Prison Ministry of India for the welfare of the Prisoners and their families. The Students enjoyed this Event and participated in huge numbers too. We had nearly about 2000 plus participants for the event.